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Year 1

Year 2

A Culture of Creativity Arts Exhibition

Fulwell Infants held an art exhibition for parents and the community on Thursday 24th May 2018. Mrs Lesley Cowley had supported the year 2 children throughout the year in the development of their art skills. Her specialist teaching led to a wonderful standard of children’s work, arranged as a portfolio for each child. The work, both 2D and 3D was centred around a multi-cultural theme with the children completing work from India, from Africa, South America, Japan and China.
The school believes that arts participation and appreciation opens a child up to the world and its many cultures. The arts can teach children about societies and civilizations from all over the world.
During art sessions the children have been discovering and exploring different styles from all over the globe. The children have then used various medium to express individual ideas and produce fabulous pieces of artwork.
Headteacher Wendy Angus was delighted that the children enjoyed sharing their ideas and choosing individual pieces to showcase. The children’s work demonstrated their developing skills – they are all fantastic artists and had lots of fun!