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Fulwell Infant School Academy           (Map)

Ebdon Lane


Tyne and Wear


Fulwell Infant School Academy is part of Jigsaw Learning Trust

School Development Priorities 2018-19


In 2018-19:

Achievement We aim to:

• Maintain our high standards and achievement of all children in all subjects, but particularly reading, writing, maths and science (Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and Key Stage 1).
• Improve the % of children improving their outcome in key stage 1 from that achieved in EYFS..
• Improve the % of pupil premium children reaching similar standards to their non PP peers.
• Maintain/improve the % of children making 'good' progress, as judged against Ofsted criteria.
• Maintain/improve the % of children successfully completing the phonics screen in year 1.


Quality of Teaching We aim to:
• Maintain the % of teaching that is either good or outstanding to 95%.
• Ensure that all classroom support is timely and well-focused.
• Ensure that the way we assess (check) children’s learning is regularly and consistently used throughout school.
• Ensure that we use these checks to effectively plan each child's next steps in learning.


Behaviour We aim to:
• Maintain our attendance to greater than 95.7% applying the directive to refuse authorisation of term time holidays.
• Continue our work on restorative practice and work to support the emotional well-being of children.
• Maintain/improve our gold standard systems for dealing with bullying.


Leadership and Management We aim to:
• Effectively lead maintaining teaching so that at least 95% of teaching is good or better.
• Maintain our broad, exciting curriculum, high standards and progress across the school.
• Establish our Multi Academy Trust to include schools that share our ethos.
• Extend the opportunities for high quality PE and sport, within and beyond the school day.
• Maintain a vibrant learning environment that stimulates and supports children's learning.
• Act as an advocate school for Inspire Maths.



Wendy Angus