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School Improvement Targets 2021-22


In 2021-22:

The Quality of Education We aim to:

• Ensure that 95% of teaching is GOOD or better (September 2021 framework)
• Ensure that the impact of support is timely and well focussed (impact of interventions).
• Embed securely and consistently the foundation curriculum focusing on DT, Art, Geography, Science and PE this year.
• Maintain the progressive teaching of subject knowledge and skills that impact on children's long term memory.
• Develop and fully utilise the outdoor classroom and the developing natural areas.
• EYFS classes will embed the new ‘Development Matters’ within their curriculum delivery and complete the National Baseline. Evaluate the impact of new tracking system.
• Maintain standards in reading and phonics ensuring the consistent and successful delivery of a Government approved phonics programme.
• Ensure the school is using a highly effective range of interventions to address any emerging barriers to learning in response to Covid-19.


Behaviour and Attitudes and Personal Development We aim to:
• To build upon current outstanding practice and embed the Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and health education policy in line with national guidelines.
• To further our support for the emotional well-being of children and their families with attachment/separation anxiety following COVID-19



Leadership and Management We aim to:
• Effectively lead maintaining teaching so that at least 95% of teaching is good or better.
• Maintain our broad, exciting curriculum, high standards and progress across the school.
• Continue to support raising standards in other schools as a National Support School.
• Extend the opportunities for high quality PE and sport, within and beyond the school day. • Maintain a vibrant learning environment that stimulates and supports children's learning.
• Act as an advocate school for Inspire Maths.
Wendy Angus