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Fulwell Infant School Academy           (Map)

Ebdon Lane


Tyne and Wear


Fulwell Infant School Academy is part of Jigsaw Learning Trust

Science Week Activities



Year 1

Year 2

Den Building, Year 1

On the afternoon of 13th February, our year 1 children had an amazing time making dens to protect the three little pigs from the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.
This was part of their learning theme based around this favourite fairy tale. Their team work was fantastic as they negotiated the challenges that building a structure that was strong enough to withstand the wind presented. One group tried to include cross pieces to strengthen their shape.
As the afternoon drew to an end, they covered the structures with sheeting and pegged them down before ‘trying them out’.

It was a great afternoon of practical fun and we apologise for muddy shoes – an unfortunate consequence of outdoor learning.
Please watch the slideshow!