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Fulwell Infant "Windmill Woodland" Project                                                

We would like to offer our children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning in woodland, a natural environment with trees and planting. We have the space to achieve this. Children will learn extensively about the natural world through exploration. They will become aware of the means to protect our planet and the impact each individual has on it. They will be equipped with love and respect for the outdoors. They will begin to understand resilience and risk taking.
We will phase the development, supporting it through fund raising and applying for grants.
Initially we will need:

  • Outdoor classroom/community base with heating, lighting and water
  • Ground works including winding paths, changes of level and fencing to secure the area.
  • Planting for a natural deciduous woodland area
  • Evergreen trees for winter structure and shelter
  • Standing stones
  • Campfire area with seating and a fire pit
  • Bird watch hide
Our target is £25,000 which will achieve the woodland hut seen below. Any additional funds will support the planting and fencing needed in the first phase.