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Fulwell Infant School Academy           (Map)

Ebdon Lane


Tyne and Wear


Fulwell Infant School Academy is part of Jigsaw Learning Trust

Snow Arrangements


We will text parents/carers each time it is necessary to put the following arrangements in place. It is important therefore that we have up to date mobile telephone numbers for the main carer.

Staff will greet/hand over children at each entrance:
Morning sessions: All children can be brought in between 8.50am and 9.15am

Nursery children, Normal entrance
Reception, Nursery link
Year 1 and 2, Main entrance

Collection times:
2.45pm – 3.15pm Nursery children Nursery Entrance
2.45pm, Class 9, Nursery Link
2.55pm, Class 8, Nursery Link
3.05pm, Class 7, Nursery Link
2.50pm, Class 4, Main entrance

2:55pm, Class 5, Main entrance

3:00pm, Class 6, Main entrance
3.05pm, Class 1, Main entrance

3:10pm, Class 2, Main entrance

3:15pm, Class 3, Main entrance
NB: Siblings will be gathered together and handed over with the youngest child

If due to work commitments you are unable to collect your child early please do not worry as they will be kept in their classroom until normal collection time. If these arrangements are in place could Nursery and Reception children use the path leading up to Nursery and Year 1 and 2 children use the main car park entrance. Please be aware the entrances/exits will be very congested so please be patient.

Please DO NOT try to use the car park as the caretaker will be on duty to prevent vehicles gaining access.

Your support with these arrangements will be greatly appreciated.