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By the end of Nursery children are expected to be working confidently in 30-50 months. Some children may continue to be working at an 'emerging' level, whilst others may exceed this and be working at 40-60 months in some areas of learning.


In the document below, more information is provided. (Provided in Acrobat format - will open in a new browser or tab.)


Guidance on Expected Levels


Throughout EYFS (Nursery and Reception) everyone works hard to develop each child's capacity to learn, helping them to make good progress and develop excellent attitudes.


Characteristics of Effective Learning


The Keys Skills and Early Years Curriculum are delivered through a range of themes, developed through the interests of the children. These themes will change and will be different in each class and the nursery.


The Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months) covers the Prime and Specific areas of learning.


View the Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months).


Download the Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months).




Key documents explaining the learning process for nursery age children are provided here.


Guidance on Expected Levels


EYFS - Terms and Glossary


Characteristics of Effective Learning


Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months)